Yoga teacher training in India

Yoga owes its origin to India and learning the stunning art here is not just bliss but is amazingly worthwhile. Many people from across the globe come to India to learn Yoga.  Yoga teacher training in India is not as easy as it seems, rather it is a milestone to accomplish. Apart from being hard, the training is both spiritually and emotionally uplifting. Many people choose to take up TTC in India not only because it is the birth place of Yoga but also because getting trained here is affordable.  In the land where Yoga originated is a town named Uttarakashi, which is home to serene and picturesque landscapes.

Apart from being a pious land, the place is home to wonderful Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) accredited with harmonious 200 and 300 hours of Yoga Alliances across the world. Amongst the many, people choose Yoga Bhawna Mission for their solace to attain peace of mind and body both. The mentors here are highly experienced in training Yoga depending on the training hours opted.

Getting trained in Yoga here, not only was for attaining excellence in the science but also for enlightening self with mental prowess. They get multiplebenefits from YTTC yet in the long run these also intend to give them a professional as well as personal hand on others.


About Uttarakashi

Uttarakashi is a bundle of picturesque locations and serene surroundings that has been home to numerous hermits and sages for performing austere rituals for salvation. Amidst the snow clad peaks of Himalayas, this town is acclaimed for the pure environment it bestows to its visitors. A perfect place for meditation and physical activities like Yoga, Utarakashi is also a prime location in the pious Char-dham-Yatra.

 Benefits of getting trained for Yoga in Uttarakashi:

 Beginners in Yoga always wonder about the impact ambient atmosphere can have on the learning process of Yoga. With the help of good Yoga teacher’s training courses in India one develops the skills to do various postures of Yoga perfectly thence deepening the spiritual connection of mind, body and soul. Yoga undoubtedly opens doors of inner transformation which eventually enhance physical and emotional wellness. Getting trained in Yoga is an opportunity to establish a strong foundation that inculcates a confidence to take this spiritual path ahead.

Yoga is blissful in itself and getting trained with it in a mystic place like Uttarkashi certainly imbibes in you the positivity that you gradually pass on through your knowledge. Yoga Bhawna Mission is one of the best training centers for Yoga in Uttarkashi not only because it has a sincere team of mentors but also because it provides a spiritual environment to the learners of this art. Apart from being the best yoga school accredited with Yoga Alliance in Uttarkashi, Yoga Bhawna Mission is also the best place for yoga teacher training in India because of the good facilities it provides to volunteers. Not only does it has a team of efficient ERYT but is also credited with amazing alumni of aspirants and participants. Amidst the stunning environs of snowcapped mountains and lush green meadows this scenic training premises is a treat for peace seekers and nature lovers. The ambience of the place supports meditation and spiritualism. This is the reason the many aspirants from across the world come to learn Yoga here and get a blissful experience of spiritual enlightenment. Students enrolling here instantly can feel positive waves flowing through.

Discipline and food at Yoga Bhawna Mission, Uttarakashi

Aspirants and beginners who enroll at Yoga Bhawna Mission feel inner strength developing immediately after the first session of training owing to the positive environs of the premises and surroundings.  The practice sessions here are not limited to only training sessions but concentrate on the over-all development of aspirants. Not only are the students given vegetarian diet of high nutritional value but also are given sufficient time to practice the various yoga postures. From breakfast to dinner, yoga aspirants are given a strict diet that is highly nutritious yet very easily digestible. Amidst the serene environs, practicing and learning Yoga is certainly a life changing event.

The various YTTCs’ here are designed with the sole intention of spreading the spiritual knowledge of Yoga across the world and that needs to be done with perfection. This school of Yoga does the same but with a disciplined approach.

Early morning wake-up and early sleeping habits are one of the unchanging and perhaps the most serious rules in the discipline here. The efficient yet friendly ERYT here make it mandatory that each and every learner follows these disciplinary rules. The teachers here believe that a healthy body and a sound mind are the secrets to efficiently learning Yoga, and therefore they hardly compromise on the same.


Practice Sessions

The stringent practice sessions can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally but in the end are absolutely worthwhile. The stringent practice sessions follow the theory sessions and in the end contribute the most in your transformation. Initially a nerve-wracking experience, eventually transforms into a humbling one as you get the knack of it. In the company of many aspirants from across the globe who have flocked Yoga Bhawna Mission to learn yoga, the journey of gaining confidence in this spiritual art form, taking up different practice sessions is enjoying yet what makes the place different is how immaculately trainees concentrate on perfection. As pioneers in Yoga the team of ERYT here makes it adamant that every posture is learned without flaws.

Yoga teacher training at Yoga BhawnaMission,Uttarakashi improves you in many ways. From physical appearance to mental alertness, one can notice the remarkable changes almost instantly. Not only does it give the confidence of passing on the knowledge to others, but also gives you an opportunity of attaining a spiritual bliss for self. You can enroll for yoga teacher training session at Yoga Bhawna mission by mailing us. Contact us today and grasp the opportunity of lucrative future and spiritual enhancement both.


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