Yoga Teacher training India

Yoga: liberation of body and soulyoga_bhavanaYoga, a collection of techniques to attain control of body and mind, is a disciplined method of attaining the ultimate goal of oneness with the Universe.  Not only does it have tremendous effects on the body and psychology of a practitioner, it helps in understanding the nature and ones relation with it. The effect Yoga has on ones personality cannot be described in words. At a personal level I have experienced its blissful effects in the initial days of self-practice. It was during the Yoga Training courses, India that I experienced a complete makeover of my soul and health both. What follows is my journey from a casual practitioner to my transformation into a totally different human being at Yoga Bhawna Mission.

My Ignorant beginningsyogBefore getting trained at Yoga Teacher training India center I believed that Yoga is just another way that keeps healthy. It was after my practice sessions that I realized the Yoga is much more than good health, its more about blissful health.  I started practicing yoga during my college days.  I learned a few basic postures and that was it.  Life went on; I graduated and joined a law firm.  I worked hard, partied harder and got completely immersed in the vicious routine of the capitalist lifestyle. I picked up the unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking along the way.   After a decade of this abuse, I had started feeling stiffness in my cervical and lumbar joints.  My digestion was a wreck; I started to have frequent headaches and forgot what a good night’s sleep felt like. That is when I picked up yoga again.  I started practicing in fifteen minute sessions every morning before work.  Soon, these sessions grew to half hour and for the first time, a sense of contentment started to fill my days.  As my body was getting suppler, my mind was yearning to learn more about this wonderful art.

The searchyogabhavana 1I wanted to learn yoga at a place where you not only could get a professional guidance, but also a deeper understanding of its principles. I searched on the internet and visited a couple of places in my home town of Warwick, but all I found was commercialized versions where the trainers lacked in skill as well as purpose.  I knew that if I wanted to learn, it had to be at the place of its origin – India.  I firmly believed that for taking up a Yoga teacher training course India was the best place to go. The idea seemed so farfetched that I didn’t dare give it much fuel.

I kept on going about the daily routine with this preoccupation gnawing at the back of my mind without finding any respite.  One afternoon as I was polishing the drafts of one of my apprentices, from India, inquired about my forlorn disposition.

As we talked, she told me about this wonderful place called Yoga Bhawna Mission in her hometown of Uttarkashi, India.  She told me that it is a venture of Ujjain Yoga Life Society, a prestigious trust in her country.  And that it is also a certified as well as registered yoga school from YAUSA. We talked at length about her experiences there and I decided to give it a serious thought.  I did some research and found that, since it is an internationally recognized RYS for teachers, your certificate will also be recognized globally.

Place that changed my lifeyogabhavanaUttarkashi is a picturesque town in the Himalayan foothills situated at a height of 1158 metres from sea level.  The school itself is situated quite some way away from the city din on the banks of holy river Bhagirathi.  As my lungs filled up on the air sweetened by the pine cones, I stepped across the gate into the place that was to be my home for three months.

I joined a group of new students and we were given an orientation. The building accommodates classrooms, yoga hall, kitchen, living rooms and living quarters.  All living rooms are twin shared and face the river.  Rooms are well appointed with all modern amenities and indeed proved to be a comfortable and delightful stay. . As soon as I entered the premises, the serenity of the place filled my mind with the confidence that I had landed at the best place.

Our itinerary at Yoga Bhawana Mission

Learning Yoga here was a life changing experience.I had opted for the RYS500 course.  It is the most comprehensive program that spans five hundred hours of training and broadly covers the physical, theoretical, physiological as well as spiritual branches of yoga. It is structured so as to train the students into yoga teaching professionals.

Our day started as early as 4:00 am with the pranayama session in the main training hall.  Under the watchful guidance of ERYTs we learned the various techniques of the breath manipulation.

Afterwards, we went for our morning yoga sessions.  Here we learned the finer nuances of various asanas or postures.  The teaching staff was well versed in all the techniques and was very helpful in our learning process.

This was followed by the breakfast session.  It consisted of locally grown seasonal organic produce and was prepared in a most holistic way.  After breakfast, we gathered for the theory classes. These classes concentrated on the history and chronological development of the art of yoga as well as the human anatomy.  We were taught about the various physiological and spiritual aspects of Yoga.

This was followed by a lunch and then a two hour rest, we gathered again in the practice hall for our evening yoga sessions.

After three months of this strict regimen, I found myself at harmony with the nature. It also gave me a new appreciation of the human body and I realize now how lucky we are to be born in this form. Yoga paves way of self-realization and instigates in us a high-spirit that plays a pivotal role in our good health for the entire life.  Though, my journey towards the true oneness with the universe has just begun, I feel I am trained enough to share my learning’s with the aspiring yogis in my home country.


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