LOVE: The Phenomenon of Bliss

LOVE is an extended expression of emotion. LOVE, it is said, can make you travel miles just to see the person you can’t stop thinking about. LOVE is actually a versatile word and can be translated in many forms, but the word typically describes an affection that is deep and emotional. Generally If you say you’re “in LOVE,” that refer to the romantic feeling.

The word LOVE used grammatically in so many ways..

LOVE can be used as noun, like every person needs LOVE, it can used as Verb – I LOVE mountains

LOVE can be used as present and past participle forms of the verb and then LOVE are participial adjectives:  like I have a loving sister; my staffs are LOVEd by every one

LOVE when it is the noun can be adjective, and then it’s an attributive noun or a noun adjunct:

: I made a love call today to my girl friend.

Often LOVE word used as various tools

Diplomatic often on emails: I would LOVE to join the conference

One LOVE = a hope for global unity also It’s taken from a Bob Marley song by the same name

Cosmically LOVE can be expressed in other way, as per the Hindu philosophy it is said that the natural state of universe is BLISS. LOVE can be reasonably exchanged with the word BLISS, hence in another word you can define the natural state of the universe is LOVE.

When someone fall deeply in LOVE,( Interestingly this LOVE can be of any kind, A mother LOVE to their kids, a sister LOVE for his brother ,or a wife or a girl friend LOVE to his husband or boy friend,  a LOVE for adventure, LOVE for the music or an artist LOVE for his painting, or someone who LOVEs his work or profession then these universal features are uncovered and expressed in us, since we are in LOVE ,we become incredibly and widely open, uninhibited, not restricted  and unified with our surroundings and universal things, people or environment. This state of human minds brings the stage flow and fluidity , during this one can achieve  spontaneously creative affairs, in which you’re totally involved  and absorbed in what you’re doing.

LOVE also brings the bi product with it, means a person in LOVE will be protective, caring, honest, faithful, supportive and sincere and will be always there even when nothing can be done.

LOVE can be used as human value and more intense philosophical way ,like some person are  so pure and follow the code of conduct of human behavior and  LOVE to speak truth always , LOVE to help someone in need or deprived ,LOVE charity , LOVE to help ill people and heal by their cosmic power.

Love can’t be Enigma as often misinterpreted; but is an Experience and every human being deserves to be loved.


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